The idea

Patient’s clothing with reclosable openings makes the work for the staff more efficient and facilitates the treatment for the patient.

  • The well-being of the patients

    The well-being of the patients

    The functional clothing by MediTex® protects the intimacy of the patients during the treatment and protects them from becoming hypothermic.

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  • Compliance of hygienic Guidelines

    Compliance of hygienic Guidelines

    It has been a daily challenge for the staff to work under correct hygienic conditions. MediTex® supports the treatment process…

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  • Working efficiently

    Working efficiently

    Quick and professional working becomes an important factor within the clinic routine. MediTex® offers elaborate solutions in order to ensure…

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  • Tailor-made openings

    Tailor-made openings

    The basic idea of MediTex® are the tailor-made openings in the clothing. Their purpose among others is to establish and…

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  • Indications


    Many indications require functional clothing. Not only does it help the dialysis patient but also the staff in the neonatology…

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  • New products

    New products

    MediTex® keeps working on already existing products, but based on the lively exchange with the medical staff, the company can…

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