That’s MediTex®

Her own daily experiences as nurse in different wards such as oncology and dialysis, emergency room or stroke unit, made Fanny Fatteicher see the need for patient clothing that support an efficient workflow. Not only is the preservation of hygiene through tailor-made openings in the chest, stomach, arm and leg area for an individual treatment of importance for the entrepreneur, but also the well-being of the patient.

„ Patients don’t have to get completely undressed and their clothes don’t need to be pulled up. They feel more comfortable, are less cold and keep their intimacy.“


The first pieces of clothing were produced in a series of test and in cooperation with a regional sewing room. But soon the capacity and knowledge for a further development were not sufficient. That is why the company was looking for competent cooperation partners all over Germany and finally found not only an experienced sewing room but also a reliable supplier for the accessories.

Not every task could be accomplished successfully in the beginning, but occasional stops made the foundress work harder and more consequent in order to develop and produce her innovative clothing.

By now, the production is carried out routinely in accordance with standardized requirements. The cooperation partners are also actively integrated and enrich the innovations through advices and ideas for quality assurance.

Fanny Fatteicher started with a vision. Finally, first positive results are visible. The company has won several awards and subsidies because of its innovative ideas:

  • MV start-up award 2014
  • 3rd place Inno Award 2014
  • Pitch Award 2016 MVpreneur Day
  • 3rd place Kai advancement award
  • Ostseezeitung start-up award 2016 „Interesting start-up story“

This success has been an enormous motivation for the further development of already existing products and new ideas.

We would like to develop medical clothing with tailor-made openings for you and your patients.