Tailor-made openings

The basic idea of the development of functional patient’s clothing has always been to make the work of the staff more efficiently as well as to enable a pleasant treatment for patients because of the tailor-made openings.

In the course of the development work it became apparent that there is a need for different indications and methods of treatment as well as for the different body regions.

As a result, a full collection was created.



  • Multifunctional variants

    Multifunctional variants

    The multifunctional pieces of clothing with different openings are especially appropriate for the use in clinics.

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  • Leg openings groin area and thigh

    Leg openings groin area and thigh

    femoral catheter, AV-loop located on thigh, applying urine bottle

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  • Arm opening

    Arm opening

    Shunt for dialysis or apheresis, intravenous injection, intra-arterial access, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure measurement, intravenous catheters and infusion therapies

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  • Stomach openings

    Stomach openings

    PEG tube, PD – catheter, stoma, cystofix, subcutaneous injections

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  • Chest openings

    Chest openings

    central venous catheter, port – catheter, Subclavia-Collier-Shunt, monitoring

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