The first prototypes of the clothing by MediTex® had button rows that were attached to the reclosable openings.

When the development of clothing for children started, push buttons were added as a closing mechanism. Now, these can be also found on the pieces of clothing for adult patients.

Using zippers was thoroughly tested by MediTex® in cooperation with a sewing room. On the one hand, they were supposed to be easy to handle, on the other hand it was important to integrate them discreetly in order to give the patient’s clothing a certain everyday suitability.

The latest innovative closing variant are magnets that are integrated into the clothing. Magnets make it easy to open and close one-handed. That feature can be of advantage for the patient in terms of self-medication. Also, the children are happy, when the stomach opening, which looks like the mouth of a hippo, can be opened easily and snaps with a click.

When you order the clothing, the closures are to some extent selectable. Magnets should not be used for patients having a pacemaker or a defibrillator.