MediTex® stands for

innovative new development for efficient work and Patient well being

Compliance of hygienic guidelines

It has been a daily challenge for the staff to work under correct hygienic conditions. MediTex® supports the treatment process in regard of the hygienic guidelines.


The clothing by MediTex® is subject to special challenges. That is why quality assurance starts with the production.

New products

MediTex® keeps working on already existing products, but based on the lively exchange with the medical staff, the company can also see the need to develop something new.

The well-being of the patients

The functional clothing by MediTex® protects the intimacy of the patients during the treatment and protects them from becoming hypothermic.

Tailor-made openings

The basic idea of MediTex® are the tailor-made openings in the clothing. Their purpose among others is to establish and check the vascular access.

questions to the products

The development of functional patient clothing is novel on the market. Surely there are questions. We can answer some of them here.

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